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Health Care Assistant Diploma Program

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Canada Vocational Academy (CVA) - Career Training Programs

Health Care Assistant Diploma Program (HCA): This program prepares students for a career as health care assistant in the health care field. Graduates are qualified to register with the province as Health care assistant. The program not only provides knowledge and skills, but also focuses on enhancing student self awareness. Students are prepared to function collaboratively as members of a multi-disciplinary health care team. Upon completion of the program, graduates are capable to work in any level of institutionalized health care team as well as individually in a home care environment. The program is fully registered under PCTIA and students are fully qualified to apply for an interest free micro-loan.

Caregiver Certificate Program. Caregiver program trains people in household duties, meal preparation and companionship in a Canadian home. Students are trained in household care management skills and knowledge, and are prepared properly in their mental attitude and behavior. Depending on the situation and student entrance level, English training may be supplemented as part of the overall training program for certification. Certified graduates of the CVA will find employment in various home care agencies.

Computerized Accounting Certificate Program: This course teaches the fundamentals of accounting with special reference to Canadian accounting system. Students will learn more specialized software application including Simply accounting, QuickBooks, Word and Excel etc. Graduates can work in any business settings where financial records are kept. This includes small business enterprise, banks, government agencies and accounting firms.